Does your star love music and love to sing?

Stars was developed for 4 - 7 year olds to provide the perfect musical foundation for life. The children are taught in small groups and learn to play a variety of different instruments, they develop their rhythm skills through African drumming and playing on the timpani drum, they develop their listening skills, communication skills through playing a variety of musical games that vary from week to week  and they learn to simply love music.

Their singing voices are also developed with gentle, fun vocal warm ups to encourage excellent vocal health and caring for the voice from a young age. The children then work on a variety of songs designed specifically for their age which they learn and then perform for friends and family at the end of every term. These songs also have the beginnings of harmony work within them which further develops the children’s musical ear and musical horizons.

All of this is taught within a fun environment by musician and educator Nicole Dawson who is fully trained and CRB checked. Nicole believes passionately in making music accessible to all and thrives on creating a unique experience for each child within a group setting.

For more information and to book your Stars’ place, please contact Nicole.