Nicole believes the ability to write a song or a piece of music lies in all of us.  Songwriting, harmonising and arranging music comes very naturally to Nicole and this combined with her skill in communicating ideas, ensures each individual flourishes and develops their own ideas and fulfils their own potential.


Nicole’s unique method for songwriting means that in just 30 minutes with Nicole every student will leave her lesson having written the beginnings of their own composition.

For the established songwriter, Nicole is deft at helping them develop their own work, suggesting ideas to help improve and expand their songs or compositions whilst allowing the student to retain their own unique voice and style.

Nicole is delighted to help anyone who has never written music before right up to those working as professional songwriters. Nicole’s gentle yet expert approach brings out the best in every student and helps them fulfil their potential.

To discuss your individually needs or to book a lesson or purchase a gift voucher for a course of lessons, please get in touch with Nicole Dawson.