Nicole has sung all her life and loves nothing more than helping each individual find their voice.

Nicole provides one-to-one singing lessons with each session designed around the individual. Specialising in musical theatre, Nicole is also able to teach classical singing and pop/rock/soul.

There are in fact very few people who “can’t sing” it is often simply they’ve not been shown how or lack confidence in their voice for a variety of reasons. Nicole is expert and deconstructing this and nurturing confidence and building each individual’s self-esteem about their voice.

Another area of speciality is combining performance skills into song especially “acting through song”. Nicole often trains students for both West End auditions or drama school auditions and is experienced in choosing appropriate repertoire for such occasions.

Nicole also believes passionately in providing her students with a strong musical foundation to give them skills to help them discover music for themselves at home or in the wider world. Students are encouraged to try to read music as they sing and study a song and helps students with this in a simple, practical way.

Nicole has developed an excellent method of training students for singing exams and has a 100% success rate in all areas with many of her students achieving distinctions in their exams.

Nicole is also delighted to help anyone who has never sung before or who has always wanted to learn to sing. Nicole’s gentle yet expert approach brings out the best in every student and helps them fulfil their potential.

To discuss your individually needs or to book a lesson or purchase a gift voucher for a course of lessons, please get in touch with Nicole Dawson.